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Miriam Grebe's interest in photography began with her first trip to Hawaii at age 12. The striking contrast between clouds, water and sky inspired her passion to capture the beauty that surrounded her. She has an "eye" for composition and creates with her camera the interesting images that are available for sale here.

Her work in high school on the yearbook further sparked her interest in photography. In college she enjoyed learning the development process in a black and white darkroom class.

She lives on the Monterey Peninsula, California with her husband and three daughters. She has photographed extensively in the Monterey area and enjoys traveling to create images in unfamiliar locations. Yosemite and San Francisco are two of her favorite destinations to visit at different times of year.

Her work has been sold nationwide and used on the covers of local publications. Additionally, Miriam received an award of honorable mention in a recent Reader's Digest photography contest. She has sold her work at the Filoli Art Show in Woodside, CA in addition to local Inns, florists, museums, and bookstores in the Monterey, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz area. 

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