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Miriam's photography is tasteful, beautiful, elegant, and frameable. I love Miriam's photo cards because they are like sending a gift in the mail.

Lauren Elsensohn


I was thrilled to receive my prints in the mail this week. They arrived in perfect condition, and were impeccably matted. They now grace the walls of my master bedroom. I have hung them so that when I wake up, the first thing I see is the blush of roses...It's a great way to start my days.

Deborah Abbott


We have sold Miriam's photographic cards and prints for several years at our bookstore in Pacific Grove. They are popular with both locals and tourists, whose favorites are her florals and local scenes.

Bill & Linda Buckhout, 
Bookworks, Pacific Grove, CA


Our bookstore, Books Inc., has carried Miriam's cards for many years. The cards have universal appeal to the tourists who come into our store from all over the world.

Books Inc., Carmel, CA

I discovered Miriam Grebe's photographs at a local art show. I was drawn to her nature photos, in particular, those of flowers. The colors in her photos are vibrant and I felt I could reach out and touch the petals. The only hard part was making up my mind about which one to choose. After much deliberation I purchased a cheerful image of sunflowers. I had it framed and have it on display in my massage studio. A number of clients have commented on how much they enjoy the photograph, and I find it always brings a smile to my face.

Sandra Lewis, 
Certified Massage Therapist, 
Fancy Footwork, Monterey, CA

We are florists in Salinas who carry many gift items along with flowers and cards. Miriam's unique cards on heavy card stock are purchased by many of our customers to accompany floral bouquets. 

Barbara Smith, owner, 
Flower Magik, Salinas, CA


I am writing to let you know for what occasions I have used your beautiful cards. The sunset scenes seem the best for using as Sympathy cards because they are so peaceful and serene. The florals are perfect for Get Well, Anniversary and Thinking of You. It's easy to write my own message inside as the photos just seem to let my own creative juices flow. I have sent them all over the United States. When asked where I found these wonderful cards, I proudly tell them of the local artist with the flair for photography.

Jan Tragethon


With a wide variety to choose from, Miriam Grebe's cards have offered me the perfect card for every occasion. Miriam's photographs open up a secret window and allow the beholder to look through her lens at the enchantment and beauty of nature. By combining these unique pictures with quality card stock and an artistic presentation, her cards are their own work of art. Quite truthfully I find it hard to part with a single one!

Sonia Blue

Since May 1997, the Museum Store at the Monterey Museum of Art has carried the photographic cards from Miriam Grebe Images. The Museum members and visitors like the cards and they sell very well. We look forward to a continued relationship.

Pat Seiling, 
Monterey Museum of Art, 
Monterey, CA

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